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Applying for the student visa in the US

Indian students often aspire to venture into the USA to continue their higher education. Be it in the under graduate level, post graduate or for PhDs, Indian students are keen on entering US universities. However one small element they tend to overlook during their thorough preparation: their need to apply for a student visa. Although this process is not an alarmingly difficult process, it is as important as securing a good GRE score. Without this all their dreams will come crashing down. [caption id="attachment_1265" align="alignright" width="300"]how-to-apply-for- USA how-to-apply-for- USA[/caption] First step: get your certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. For this you require to receive the form I-20 or the DS-2019 as the case may be. You can get this through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. You will have to pay your S.E.V.I.S fees and complete all relevant forms before your visa interview. This is a crucial step without which the entire process is not possible. One must be cautious while filling out the forms. You must schedule your appointment as you feel like it. But you must apply for it as early as possible. After setting up a date for the interview, make sure to be on time for the interview. You must be prepared with all the required documents. The interview is more of a basic background check and also tests your English language skill. One must be very careful with these interviews. The interviews take place for a short duration so it’s best that you approach the interview in a succinct manner. Touch up on all the basic details, why you want to study, your plans for the future, how you will support yourself etc. In the past 10 years, over a million Indian students have received their student visa. The process in truth is exciting and offers a fresh perspective about the country they are keen on going for their higher studies.

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