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In every state and territory in Australia there is mining activity, large amounts of minerals and resources are mined here, the mining industry in Australia needs more immigration in this field of work.

Australia encourages migrants in specific areas of work to work in their country, in doing this; it boosts and improves Australia’s economy and workforce.

There are many visas available under these schemes, skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa, skilled regional sponsored visa, employer nomination scheme visa, temporary business long stay work visa, working holiday visa, work and holiday visa. Which visa you apply for is specific to you and your area of work.

If you do not have the pass mark required to apply for a skilled independent visa, but have the qualifications and skills required for the job, you can apply for a skilled regional sponsored visa, you must get a minimum of sixty points on the assessment,. And get sponsorship from either an eligible family member living in a particular region of Australia or be nominated from a state of territory government who is signed up to the scheme.

To apply for a skilled worker visa you must be less than fifty years of age and prove that you have the skills and or qualifications for the occupation you wish to do on the skilled occupation list, if you apply for a skilled independent visa you won’t require sponsorship.

In a program called general skilled migration, applicants must meet specific basic requirements to be eligible to apply for a visa. To pass for a skilled visa the applicant or their partner must be able to comply with the basic visa requirements associated with age, English language, work experience, the skills of your spouse and also bonus categories, There is now an online system that goes by the name “skill select” a person wishing to apply for a visa can do so online by submitting and expression of interest (EOI). Australian employers can then view the individuals EOI, as can state and territory governments and the Australian government, the above have the power to offer an invitation to apply for a visa application.

Be aware that giving and EOI does not mean that the outcome will be an invitation to apply for a skilled visa, if however an invitation is accepted, there is a time scale from receiving said invitation  in which the application must be formally recorded.

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