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More Than 35,472 Indians were Granted US Green Card Under H-1B Visa

US Green Card under H-1B VisaIndia has a reason to cheer. According to the latest USA Immigration News, in the year 2012, as many as 35,472 Indians with US H-1B visas acquired USA Green Card, up from 6,000 in the year 2011. That number comprised more than half the number of permits provided to US H-1B owners for all the countries in the year. The data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) comes in the wake of a new Bill that concentrates on attracting knowledgeable workers to the United States by giving them citizenship. The common impression is that the United States is progressively trying to keep foreigners out with brand-new migration walls. Yet that's only a partial truth; it pertains to much less skillful overseas employees. In reality, the United States is also trying to attract the most effective brains from around the world and among the biggest beneficiaries are the talented Indians. The card permits an individual to live and work anywhere in The United State and is also a path to citizenship. An US H-1B visa holder is bound to the employer that hired him/her, and can be deported unless the visa holder can find another US H-1B sponsor. A lot of Indians that acquired permits in 2012 came from the EB-2 category that includes experts with advanced degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Precisely, the US intends to maintain its one-upmanship and speed up R&D. "They need people with specialized skills that could considerably contribute knowledge to the economy. The large foundation of Indians with advanced degrees and domain knowledge is strongly in need and given preferential treatment," said Rakesh Prabhu, the partner of immigration practice, ALMT Legal. The number of permits a country gets in a year cannot go beyond 7% of the complete available. Indians prefer to Migrate to US as they have vast opportunities in the country. US H-1B is among those visas that offer permanent residency opportunity to the applicants. MoreVisas offers visa and immigration services to US. There are other popular visas inclusive of US H-1B which people opt for. The USA Work Study Program is very popular among the Indian students. This program permits international students to work off-campus with the American companies while pursuing their master’s degree at an authorized US university. US EB-5 Visa is equally popular among various other US visas. The EB-5 Visa is an Immigrant Investors Visa. The applicant can obtain a green card if he/she invests money in the United States. We will assist you in applying for USA Work Study Program Visa and EB-5 Visa too. In 2012, India shows up to have rewarded. "The United States visa office, seeks to make use of the available visa numbers by the time the financial year ends, at the end of September. They don't like to waste numbers. So there could be a brand-new surge (Indians ending up being eligible for green cards) in August 2013 and in the following months," said Cyrus D Mehta, managing attorney and founder of the New York-based law firm Cyrus D Mehta & Associates. MoreVisas is an emerging immigration and visa service consultancy firm. We have helped many individuals to immigrate to US. MoreVisas has a team of educated immigration and visa specialists who are experienced in the visa process. Our migration specialists are upgraded with the new programs that join the demand in US in the present year.

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