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Work Study Program in USANestled between the Antarctic and Pacific oceans, the United States of America emerged as one of the world’s superpower countries. Right from the technological advancement to amazing lifestyle, US has been enjoying the top slot for quite some time. That’s probably the reason why many youngsters crave to  Work and Study in USA.

Read on to find more about work study program in USA.

Study in USA:

Not just the work style and remuneration, the United States is all known for its world class education. Out of top 100 international universities, more than 20 hail from USA.  The USA work study program is basically termed as the Federal Work Study program (FWS). It was earlier known as college work study program. It is applicable to all the universities and institutions across the United States that are enrolled into the program. Respective universities allow students to undertake 10 hours of part time work in a week. Nearly 3,400 institutions in America are enrolled into this program.

How to Apply for FWS?

In order to apply for FSW, you must first opt the university that entertains FWS. Once you are done with opting the college, all you have to do is—apply for assistance by filling up Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The program will only decide, upon the qualification, as to how much money you can earn.

USA Work Study Program Eligibility:

You must be a citizen of the United States in order to apply for FAFSA. However, you can still work while study in USA provided you
  • You are an asylum granted
  • You are a refugee
  • Victim of human trafficking
  • Parolee (if you are in the US University for more than a year and demonstrate that you intend to study further and settle in the United States by taking the citizenship in future).
There are many jobs in USA for regular students. Apply for FAFSA right now or approach a nearby visa consultancy as to how to go about it after studying at a US university for about a year. To know about USA work study program please fill out our MoreVisas Enquiry Form, you may follow us @ Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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