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World Economy If you had the chance to migrate to an entirely new country, where would you choose to improve your own prospects? There are so many countries whose economy is on the up right now, amongst a backdrop of failing economies across Europe. However, uprooting and moving to a foreign territory won’t happen overnight. Firstly, you need to consider which countries do actually have economies which are going to be beneficial to you and your family, should you decide to move. Here are 3 countries that have more pros than cons when it comes to economy. USA  According to endless recent reports sourced from newspapers and the internet, the U.S. has been at the top of the economy charts for the past decade. With major industries including food processing, aerospace, and information technology booming in terms of success over in America, it’s no wonder their economy  remains the strongest amongst other countries. If you’re looking for luxurious and  spacious apartments at reasonable prices, then living in the United States is  definitely the place to choose. Boasting a land of prosperity, freedom and  outstanding beauty, the benefits of choosing to live stateside are plentiful. America  also has a solid education system meaning that should you wish to study here, you  can do this by obtaining a US visa application form.  CHINA Falling closely behind the U.S. is China’s economy which is almost as fruitful. This is  primarily due to the fact that the Chinese are the largest exporters in the world.  Another useful factor to bear in mind if you are thinking of moving to China is the lower living costs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the general standard of living here is poor, it simply means that due to China still being one of Asia’s many developing countries, the costs of living here are lower than other countries. Young entrepreneurs embarking on new business ventures will find a bountiful market here, with commerce that is developing at a rate of knots. Daily expenses are reduced and business opportunities are varied and extensive, allowing a great environment for saving and investing. JAPAN Japan is renowned for its technologically-advanced economy with its major successes lying within the industrial and electronic sectors. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest brands in technology were born from this country, including the likes of Fujifilm, Sony and Nikon to name a few. Some of Japan’s key benefits besides its thriving technology industry include exceptional public transport systems, great local produce, and a rich history and culture that is almost unparalleled in its depth and variety.

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