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Best hassle free tips to travel to US from India

Tips to travel to US from IndiaHave you got your visa stamped? Is this the first time you are travelling to US from India? Relax don’t panic. This article provides the best tips to travel to US from India for your reference and helps to make your trip simple without any hindrances.

Tips to travel to US from India:

The following are the tips that have to be followed by travelers who are travelling to US from India.
  • If you are moving to US for study, it is suggested to find an individual from the same departing country who studies in the same university
  • Book flights together from India to travel to US or else get connecting flights
  • Seek best excellent airfare deal, not the cheapest airfare
  • Find lowest priced ticket through travel agent and then book online or vice versa and then discuss to obtain low-cost flight ticket to travel to US.
  • Enroll for regular flyer account along with the airline where an individual intent to book ticket
  • Give the regular flyer number for travel agent at the time of issuing a ticket
  • Find luggage payment prior to paying a flight ticket.
  • Travelers might need to pay 50 dollars for another suitcase
  • Few airlines will permit students to take two checked bags without any charge
  • Cheapest air charges don’t provide best facilities and flight connections always.
  • As the first time travelers prefer for a window seat, if a traveler is a tall person it is suggested to choose aisle seat.
  • Universities or colleges situated in main cities will have a direct flight or direct entrance from next linking flight.
  • In the US the first city is Port of entry where most of the travelers land initially.
  • Before boarding for the second flight in the US, it is necessary to clear all immigration formalities.
  • See to it that minimum three hours time is available to get into the connecting flight so that meanwhile travelers can clear all their immigration formalities and move forward with their luggage after checking.
  • Don’t get panic if you miss connecting flight; try to inform the pickup person.
  • It is suggested to have some US dollars to make calls.
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