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About US H1-B Visa and its Application Process

About US H-1B VisaThe US is the dream destination of most people from overseas when it comes to immigration. This is because it is the world-leader in economy, has a stable economy and welcomes people from abroad without discrimination. An individual can find wonderful opportunities for personal and professional growth.

However, you can also avail the benefits offered by this wonderful country if you are employed temporarily by US employers in specialty occupations. For this, you need to hold an H-1B visa which is a non-immigrant visa.

US H-1B Visa:

This visa category permits organizations holding a Federal Identification Number/ IRS tax number to employ an overseas professional for a period of up to six years. They are mainly engaged in specialty occupations such as computer analyst, financial analyst, accountant, engineer, architect or scientist.

Benefits of the H-1B Visa:

  • You are neither required to uphold a foreign residence nor do you need to show your intention to return to your home country at time of visa application
  • Your dependents can stay with you for as long as you hold the visa and can also undergo education
  • You can travel in and out of US freely if you are holding a valid visa

Requirements for the H-1B Visa:

Employer’s eligibility criteria- In order to be eligible for sponsoring an US H-1B visa to an individual, the employer must prove that

  • The position on offer requires both practical and theoretical knowledge which can be obtained by studying in an institution of higher learning
  • This position needs a specific study course which directly relates to the position
  • Achieving a higher degree in the specific position is a minimum requirement

Employee’s eligibility criteria- To show your eligibility criteria for an H-1B visa you need to demonstrate that

  • In case the occupation requires holding of a full state licensure, then you must have it
  • Should possess a degree or experience as required for the occupation
  • Being recognized as an expertise in the specialized occupation

Professionally Specialized Occupations:

An architect, engineer, mathematician, computer scientist & IT specialist, medical and healthcare professionals are some of the positions generally eligible for an H-1B visa.

Applying for US H-1B Visa:

You can obtain the H-1B visa only when a US employer sponsors you. For this, the employer must

  • File for a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the country’s Department of Labor
  • File for a USCIS Form I-129 which is a petition for non-immigrant workers with H supplement and supporting documentation

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