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US Business VisaThe United States is a dreamland for immigrants who flock to this wonderful nation to either study in its well-reputed colleges and universities or to work here and enjoy great prerogatives like better job opportunities and good pay scale. The US economy has a booming history which has remained stable for decades. This has allured many businessmen to come to the country after acquiring a B1 Business Visitor Visa.

US B1 Business Visas:

This visa category is given to individuals who are traveling to the United States on business purpose. The B1 Business Visas are temporary in nature and also non-immigrant type. Generally, it applies to foreigners, who wish to attend educational, business, scientific or professional conventions or conferences, for consultation with business associates, negotiating contracts or settling an estate. There is no dependent visa category associated with this Business Visa. The main advantage of the non-immigrant visa over the visa waiver program is the status change option that they get. Under this, such persons can apply for a permanent residence if they qualify for student visa (F1) or temporary workers visa (H1B, H2B, E1,E2 and E3).

US Business Visa Eligibility Requirements:

In order to be eligible to apply for a B1 Business Visa the following pointers must be met which highlight the eligibility requirement for obtaining the B1 Business Visitor Visa:-

  • The purpose of the US trip should be business of a legitimate kind
  • The duration of your day should only be for a specific time period
  • Sufficient funds for your sustenance during your stay here as well as the expenses of the trip
  • You should have a home outside the US and you have every intention of returning to it once your tenure of stay lapses
  • No restrictions on your entering the US such as no criminal background.

Length of Stay for B1 Business Visa holders:

One can stay in the United States with this visa up to a maximum period of six months, after which one can request for a visa extension. At the point of entry into the US an immigration officer normally decides how long each person can stay in the country.

As a B1 Business Visa holder, you can apply for a work visa like US H1B visa or H2B visa if you wish to work in this country.

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