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Essential Requirements of B-1 Business Visa for USA
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015  |   Tags: B1 Visa , business in USA , business visa , US Visa , USA ,

Business visa for USAAre you a dynamic investor planning to multiply your investments? Wishing to live and invest in the high demanded markets of the USA where there is a maximum scope for business? Well, if your answer is yes, then ensure to utilize the B-1 business visa for USA, which is specially designed for immigrants like you. An overseas individual who possesses sharp business skills and have a strong intention to immigrate to USA in search of better livelihood can opt for B-1 Temporary Visitor Visa option of the province to fulfill their long-term aspirations.

What is a Business Visa for USA:

Business visa for USA is a non-immigrant visa that is being issued by its government for foreign investors who aspire to visit the nation for a short duration. This visa option has been put forth with a strong intention to meet the specific prerequisites of those business professionals. B-1 Temporary Visitor Visa permits you to attend and exhibit your work at a business gathering, participate in business meetings and negotiate with business partners. Remember, B1 visa does not let you involve in any of the work and study activities. An interesting fact about this visa class is that it doesn’t have any annual quota and stay length can be extended on lodging an application for an extension to respective authorities. 

Basic Requirements of USA Business Visa:

Following are the prerequisites that an overseas applicant must meet to obtain their desired Visa:

  • Main purpose of the visit of a prospective applicant must be to attending business related activities 
  • Valid testament of financial resources that would be helpful to support themselves financially during your stay 
  • Must not be under any criminal records
  • Must have enough economic and social binding ties abroad and a residence outside the US 
  • Your intention to reside in the province is limited to a certain period 

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