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Facts about USA F1 VisasThe United States is a well-known destination for students from abroad who wish to earn an internationally recognized university. For this, they need to apply for suitable student visa to study in the U.S. The F1 is one such student visa category which enables a person to study in the US. This visa category is given to an individual who wishes to pursue academics in high schools, colleges, universities, language training programs or other academic institutions.

For obtaining a USA Student Visa, especially the F1 visa, a student must first be accepted by an educational institution which is SEVP certified. There are some things about US F1 Student Visa which one should know before applying for the same. Study in America to gain utmost knowledge.

US Student Visa Requirements:

The US Student Visa process does have some eligibility criteria. The ones who fulfill them can easily obtain the F1 student visa. These requirements are briefly mentioned below as follows:-

  • In order to hold a U.S F1 Student Visa, one must attend a language-training program or an academic institution
  • You must be a full-time student
  • The school must be USICE approved to admit foreign students
  • You should have sufficient funds to support yourself during your studies
  • Proof that you will not leave your foreign residency

Pros and Cons of the U.S. F1 Student Visa:

  • Travelling outside the U.S.-You are allowed to return to the country after staying away for a period not exceeding five months. However, one must obtain a new F1 visa in case the original one has expired and also must get your designated school authority to sign the I-20 before you leave the country.
  • Transfer to a different school- For this, you must first present school and work with the DSO to get your SEVIS record transferred. Whereas, you would be requiring a new I-20 from the new school where you wish to get a transfer. This has to be completed and handed over to the new DSO within 15 days of transfer date.
  • Work benefits-F1 visa holders are allowed to work in the university campus for a maximum of 20 hours a week. There are two training programs under which F1 students can get work permission. Before embarking on a work in the U.S, the student is advised to seek advice from a DSO.

The F1 visa is valid for the entire duration of the study program. Migrate to USA to acquire world-class knowledge in its renowned universities.

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