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Holders of F1 Student Visa can Extend Their Stay in US
Posted on: 15 Oct 2015  |   Tags: F1 Visa , H1B , H1b visa , Work in US ,

Every year many overseas students come to the U.S in order to pursue their academic programs. So for those who are wishing to complete their studies need a visa that gives them the authorization to study in the country and that is the F1 student visa. This is a non- immigrant visa that is issued by the state department of U.S on a temporary basis for the students until they complete their studies. After completion of their studies, many of the overseas students wish to remain in the country for the purpose of seeking employment. But the student visas do not allow the students to stay back in the country they need to return back to their nation soon after they complete their studies. But the overseas students under the F1 student visa can extend their stay.

F1 Student Visa:

This F1 student visa will allow the overseas students to attend universities, colleges, high school, any seminars, training programs etc. in order to gain an F1 visa they need to meet some basic requirements like:
  • Study full-time
  • Be registered in a language training or academic program
  • Sufficient funds that support their entire course of study
  • Determined to return to the residence after completing their studies
  • Accepted by the Student and Exchange Visitors program

Optional Practical Training:

This (OPT) program is for the students who wish to remain back in the country. This program allows them to work in the country based on their related skills and area of their study. F1 student visa holders or students can apply for this program after completing each level in their academic studies that is if a student completes his/her degree program can apply for OPT for 12 months and can again apply for OPT for 12 months after completing his Masters. Students from (STEM) fields that are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can apply for this Optional Practical training program for a period of 17 months. Students under this program have an opportunity of gaining an H1B working visa and which eventually lead to a green card due to their invaluable experience they have gained by working for one year.

Three Key Steps for Applying for OPT:

  • Obtain an early start on: Try to graduate a little early before spring because there will be a lot of competition for optional practical training positions and jobs. And also it’s better to gain an internship certificate that makes your resume proceed faster.
  • Apply soon: It’s good for the candidates to apply for the program as soon as they open and before you start searching for a job or 80 days prior to finishing your studies. As the government of USA will accept the application from all over the nation so sometimes it may take up to three months for the application to be processed. So it’s always a key tip to apply early.
  • Pick your OPT start date: The candidates are allowed to pick their own OPT start dates. That is if the students are going to pursue their studies do no set the start date for the day you complete your studies because it takes some time to find a job so it better option to set the date once you expect a job.
Hence, the USCIS have given a wonder option for F1 student visa holders to stay back in the country in order to gain some work experience. If you are interested to apply this student visa, fill out our Quick Enquiry Form, so that one of our student visa expert will get back to you.

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