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How to Obtain your US Student Visa ?

US Student VisaStudy abroad in US is a major goal for number of international students. Many students seek various ways and methods to study in USA. The US encourages overseas nationals to visit US for the purpose of education. However, an overseas national to enter and study in America needs a US student visa. Based on the course of study and type of school applicants need to choose either an F1 Visa or M-1 Visa, which are the two types of student visas for USA. If applicant wishes to engage in academic studies in US, then they need to apply for F1 Visa, conversely for vocational study or non-academic or training courses applicant should apply for M-1 visa.

US Student Visa Requirements:

Applicants who are willing to study in USA need to meet the below requirements in order to obtain a US student visa.  •    In prior to visa application decide the type of school and course of study as well as the desired college
•    Valid passport
•    Form DS-160 verification page for Nonimmigrant Visa Application
•    Fee payment receipt 
•    Recent photograph
•    Certificate of Eligibility is to be provided for nonimmigrants such as for Academic and Language students under US F1 visa, Form I-20A-B is needed for Vocational Students under M-1 visa, Form I-20M-N is needed. 

US Student Visa Process:

Soon after the submission of the visa application form, USA student visa process gets start, where an applicant needs to schedule visa interview date and go to the interview center with all appropriate documents to attend the visa interview. After the fruitful end of visa interview student visa for USA will be issued. 

US Student Visa Interview Questions:

To approve the USA student visa, visa officer will check the authenticity of applicant by questioning on various terms like purpose of visit, their intention to study in US, details about the university where an applicant is planning to study, and others. If applicant succeeds in the visa interview then only USA student visa will be approved. People who are decided to study in USA, can fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, and also follow us @ Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  

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