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Work Permits for Spouses of US H-1B VisaFrom time immemorial, United States has grabbed the attention of umpteen number overseas nationals from all corners of the world with its flourishing and thriving economy, tranquil ambience, conducive climate, first-rate infrastructure, picturesque landscapes, rewarding business ambience, metropolitan cities, high-rise buildings and many others. Alongside its sizable natural attractions, this vibrant cultured country also plays a dominant and crucial role in attracting overseas skilled immigrants with ample number of career and employment opportunities. 

Why USA?

With attractive opportunities for skilled professional, demand for skilled labor, multi-cultural ambience and welcoming society, USA tops the list as the favored destination for immigrants across the world. There are many visa options for an overseas national who wish to reside and work in USA. Out of many visa classes H-1B visas is the best visa option that provides amazing opportunities for skilled experts who wish to enter USA. 

What is an US H-1B Visa?

This is one of eminent visa options that enable potential employers of the country to recruit overseas skilled professionals to work in the country for a specified duration of time. Unlike other non-immigrant visa options, this visa allows s an international professional to work in the country for six years which would pave way for them to apply for US permanent residency

Who’s Eligible?

In accordance with previous rules and regulations, spouses of H-1B visa will be permitted to work in case their partners had applied for PR and have attained the migrant visa number. But, potential immigrant has to wait for five years to get the immigrant visa number. Keeping this in mind the concerned representatives of the country has introduced this new statute. 

As per the new regulations of the country, this visa category is pertinent to aspirants who hold H-4, dependent-spouse visas with partners who seek employment in the country. However, an H-4 dependent-spouse can lodge the request for employment, after receiving an appropriate authorization from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

When Can You File for Authorization to Work?

The new statute will be effectual from May 26 and based on the number of requests the officials receive, further processing will be done. It is further said that as soon as USCIS starts receiving the applications, it will issue the employment approval documents after 90 days of processing. 

To fulfill aspirations at a faster pace, an overseas national mulling on to relocate to this prosperous nation must meet the US H-1B visa eligibility criteria.

Basic Requirements for US H1B Visa

  • H1B Sponsorship job offer from a United States Sponsor organization
  • Educational documents long with diploma of training courses  
  • Evidence of professional membership or license 
  • Current CV/Resume that describes all your  credentials such as job title, name & address of employer, full/part time, month/year commenced employment, duties performed and the type of business.

Prerequisites for H4 Visa for the Dependent of H1B Visa Holder

  • Valid Passport of the country 
  • Testament of your Spouse H1B visa
  • Marriage certificate (If spouse)
  • Copy of H1B approval notice 
  • Proof from the current employer

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