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Make your Travel Purposeful with Multiple Entry Visa to USA
Posted on: 03 Aug 2015  |   Tags: Multiple Entry Visa , USA , visit USA ,

multiple entry visas to USAAre you planning to visit U.S? It will be quite interesting and exciting while booking the flight tickets, but prior to that you must get to know about the different types of visas available for non-immigrants or temporary visitors. Usually, the U.S government provides two basic types of visas, immigrant and non- immigrant visas based on the requirement by each person they will choose the visas. For those who want to travel to U.S on a temporary visit like for business, tourism, employment, etc. they must need a non-immigrant visa and for those who are willing to settle down in U.S need a immigrant visa. 

The non-immigrant visas are generally issued by consular officers abroad only after reviewing their application for U.S visa, and then the immigration authorities at the ports will allow them into the country and the process ends up with the stamping on their passports by indicating the final date of their stay in the country. 

There is a slight difference between visa expiration date and the time permitted for their stay in the U.S. visa expiration date is the time and date when it was issued and validity is something the time duration in between where one can travel to U.S ports of entry. 

What is a Multiple Entry Visa to USA?

The U.S government issues two different types of nonimmigrant visas they are single entry and multiple entry visas to USA for non immigrant travelers based on their citizenships and purpose of their trip like for any medical treatment, for job search etc. these visas are allotted for them. These multiple entry visas can be used to travel to U.S based on the certain time limit given by the U.S Consulates. These visas are valid up to a certain period of time known as the visa validity period. The number of times a visa holder can travel is denoted under “entries” on the visa. Whereas coming to a single entry visa, the visa holders for this particular visa can travel to U.S only for a single time and that particular time should be before the visa expiry date. 

Hence, by considering all the above-mentioned points, plan your trip to U.S accordingly based on your purpose of your visit. Make sure about the types of visas before applying and make you ride joyful.

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