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Requirements and Benefits of US Work Study Program

US work study program Are you interested to work and study in US ? Then, you need to know about the US Work Study programs. People migrated under this program can study and work in USA without any limitations. US Immigration through US Work Study programs entice number of international students who are curious to pursue their masters in the US while doing a full time employment. Overseas students who are pursuing their higher study in US also aim to work in US not only to gain work experience but also to meet their daily expenses in the US. 

US Work Study Program Eligibility:

This US work study program allows individuals to study as well as work in US. It acts as a US work visa that permits overseas nationals to work in US. The Following are the some of the requirements for US immigration under US work study programs. 
  • At least 15-16 years of education
  • Must possess a bachelor degree
  • No need to qualify in TOEFL/ IELTS exams in order to study in US
  • Enough finance to support themselves
  • Be prepared to work in US during day times and attend classes in evenings or weekends
  • Recommendation letters
  • Maintain suitable academic progress a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA during working in US under the Work Study program.
  • Must get through the online visa interview successfully

US Work Study Program Benefits:

  • Can enter to US easily without any employment offer
  • Can work in US as well as gain a Masters Degree from the reputed university in USA
  • Excellent opportunities for IT experts
  • Can pay tuition fee from their expenses
  • Cost efficient and reasonable
  • Work while you study in US
  • Opportunity to work with other US employees and can gain a great work experience.
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