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Living away from friends and family can be hard for both parties. Fortunately, as air travel gets cheaper and cheaper it becomes easier to close the gap. In fact, many people find that migration is a great opportunity, not just for the migrant but for visitors who often find themselves enjoying the adventure and sometimes fall in love with the new lifestyle, eventually going back with a permanent resident visa themselves. MoreVisas is a full service visa consultancy, and we arrange visas for every country and all circumstances. Our overseas relocation services include arranging tourist visit visas for friends and family, so whether you're looking to visit someone or have emigrated yourself, we can help. Below, we outline the five most important things to consider. Request your visa ahead of time While many countries supply a tourist visit visa very quickly, some have a long processing time, meaning that it can take months to get even a simple tourist visa. By requesting your visa with MoreVisas early, we'll be able to tell you how long the request should take to process, and how long the visa will last, letting you plan your trip comfortably, and travel when you want to. Don't outstay your visa As some visas are quite short, it may be tempting to outstay your visa. Do not do this! Overstaying your visa, even by just a few days, can result in you being blacklisted. This means you may not be able to get another tourist visa or a work permit for the country in question ever again. Request the appropriate visa A tourist visa may be easier and cheaper to acquire, but if you're looking for work during your trip, undertaking business or staying for a long time, you may need a business visit visa or another visa. Choosing the right visa for your trip will help ensure that you are able to do the things you want to do, without jeopardising your right to be in the country. Whether you're planning your honeymoon, want to spend several months helping with a new grandchild or a few days meeting potential customers, we can help you get the right visa for your needs. Expect visas to have certain costs At MoreVisas, we try to keep your costs low, however all visa applications have certain costs associated with them, even tourist visas. In some cases, we may be able to get you combined tourist visas, saving you money and time, as long as we know where you want to travel ahead of time. Enjoy yourself! Visiting family or friends in the USA, Europe or elsewhere is a great opportunity to discover new places, see things you've only read about, try new foods and enjoy yourself. In many cases, it's easy to break a journey and see a new country as part of your trip. For example, if you're visiting family living and working in Australia, you could stop over in Thailand to explore their beautiful beaches. Or if you're spending time in London, it's just a short plane ride to Paris, Rome or Switzerland, and you can often get one visa which covers all of Europe. Tell us about your dream trip, and we'll help make it come true!

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