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Study in USA Through the USA F1 Visa-A Student Visa Program
Posted on: 20 Aug 2015  |   Tags: f1 , USA , Visa ,

USA F1 VisaBeing a student among more than 640,000 international students in the USA makes you feel enthusiastic. So to be a student and study, one has to apply for the USA F1 visa, which is especially dedicated to the academic students. Here are some facts for the intercontinental students on the F1 student visa. 

What is an F1 visa? 

Overseas students wishing to attend a college, university, school or any other academic program for studying in the U.S require a visa which gives them the permission to enter the country; this is known as the F1 visa. The applicants must first obtain a temporary visa by the state department of U.S. for those who are willing to pursue their studies are granted a non-immigrant visa the F1 visa.  The initial step for an anticipated student is being approved for admission in a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified university, college or school.

Some facts regarding F1 student visa: 

Here are some basic rules and regulations which are needed by the overseas students to be fulfilled regarding the USA F1 visa


Need to enroll as a full-time student
Need to attend the language-training program or any academic institution
Need to have enough financial support to complete your study
Need to prove that you are not intended to misuse your visa
Need to get approved by the USICE in order to get placed in the institutions

Duration of your stay in U.S with F1 visa: 

Generally, prior to your entry into the country you are issued with an I-94 card by the officer at the port of entry. This card indicates your status and your certified stay as F1 non-immigrant. This card is known as the “D/S” or “Duration of Status”. This card is valid until you complete your academic study program, and you are given extra 60 days for departure from the country.  

Work Permit under this visa:

International students under this visa program are totally enabled to study in the country, under high conditions they are allowed to work only in the campus 20 hours per week. The foreign students are considered to take advice from the Foreign Student Advisor before hunting for jobs in the country.

Travel permit: 

There is a limit on your travel, you can go back to your homeland not more than five months, if your period of your stay has extended your visa will be expired and you need to issue a new one.  The particular institution must sign on your card before your leaving the country. 

These are the certain factors about the rules and regulations for the F1 student visa.

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