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The world is going flat, learning a foreign language will give you an edge over others. It becomes mandatory for people who are planning to migrate overseas for various purposes. Nelson Mandela says “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.” The meaningful words of the legendary anti-apartheid South African revolutionary stand true today. I was heading to Florida, U.S.A. Speaking in Spanish is a plus point to secure job in Florida. I had got an excellent job opportunity with a renowned organization in Florida. [caption id="attachment_853" align="alignleft" width="300"]UK Work Visa UK Work Visa[/caption] I had to learn Spanish to gleam in the pile of resumes. It was my Spanish skills that made it easy for me to obtain this job. Now I am proficient in Spanish as I am in my mother tongue.” After securing the job offer, I had to apply for a Work Visa. I took assistance from MoreVisas. They are the best immigration and visa consultant in the city. Their team provided me complete assistance in the documentation process. With their guidance, I successfully secured my Work Visa to U.S.A. A decade ago, learning any foreign language was a hobby or an optional subject in college. In the present scenario, it is all about acing over in the business or in the job market. With Indian companies like BT Mahindra, Bajaj, Amazon, Larsen and Toubro, and Tata going global, need for multilingual employees has increased.  Foreign languages like German, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French are gaining popularity. Most of the language institutes these days train the employees of various companies. Many institutes also provide students placement opportunities. I had suggested one of my friend to get assistance from MoreVisas for a job search. He was proficient in reading, writing and speaking French. MoreVisas also provide Resume Advertising Service. They had prepared his resume in such a way that it has various sections, which include a section for work experience, education and volunteer experience which had increased his chances to secure a job. They had sent his resume to companies who might be interested in hiring international employees with expertise in French. The employers immediately contacted him, and he secured a job as a French coordinator in reputed organization. My knowledge of the local language in Florida gave me security from being cheated in deals.  It would be difficult for me to coordinate with my fellow employees if I would not know the language. Spanish and French are considered as the second languages of the world. In international curriculum, students learn it as their second language after English. An Indian student who is highly fluent in a foreign language has a better chance of securing admission to international universities. The foreign language skills give students an edge over others. There is a better scope for Spanish and French proficient individuals to secure job overseas.

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