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Can I Travel Outside USA with USA L1 Visa ?

USA L1 VisaThe United States of America long back introduced L1 visa for highly professional people with an experience of at least three years.

USA L1 Visa Types:

As US H1B visas have cap and are given through lottery based system, the USA L1 visa is one of the best options for professionals to temporarily migrate to US.

There are Basically Two Types of USA L1 Visas:

USA L1 A visa: A person who is in a managerial position with at least three years of work experience can go to the same company in the United States. It’s basically designed for the giant multinational companies. However, the high commission can apparently consider intra transfers of the small companies too under certain circumstances. USA L1A visa holder can take along with him/her spouse on L-2 Visa.

USA L1 B visa: L1B visa is granted to specialized people in particular professions. It’s also applicable to intra transfer of companies.

Blanket applications: That are given to the employers by the US high commission after companies meet the required criteria. 

Regular applications: The employees of small companies that don’t have blanket are required to get the approval from USCIS.

USA L1 Visa period of stay:

The initial time period for USA L1 visa is three years after which the same can be extended. The maximum period of stay for L1A is seven years and L1B visa is five years.

Can I Travel Outside USA with L1 Visa:

You can travel outside USA with L1A visa as long as you have the required validity. However, the outside time spent will be taken into the actual validity period of the visa. For instance, if you travel outside USA for a period of three months when your L1A visa validity is a year, on return to US you would be allowed to spend only nine months.

USA L1 visa is not a permanent resident visa. It’s a temporary employee intra transfer visa.

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