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Want to Move US? Know About Various American Visas Before You Apply!
Posted on: 11 May 2015  |   Tags: america , H1B , Visa ,

American visaAre you contemplating to move to United States, but are unaware of American visas? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Though the US immigration and visa rules are stringent, it is not impossible to meet them. People from all over the world have dreamt to move the United States for varied reasons. Based on the purpose of the travel, individuals need to apply for the visa. People travel to the USA, using different classes of visas such as student visa, tourist visa, K-1 spouse Visa, Green card lottery visa, Family Visa and Work Visa. Every year, numerous individuals arrive in US to settle there either on temporary or permanent basis. 

Popular American Visas

Of various US visas, the most popular visas opted by numerous individuals are US H1B visa, US F1 visa, US L1 visa and others. 

US H1B Visa

This visa is designed for the individuals who would like to work in the US temporarily as a nonimmigrant to carry out services in a pre-arranged professional job. In order to get qualified for this program, individuals should have at least bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a specific specialty for which individuals seek employment. Individual’s employer should file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor relating to the terms and conditions of the employment contract with the individual.

L-1 (intra-company transferees) Visa

This visa is structured for the employees of an international firm, which is temporarily, transferred its employee to main branch, subsidiary or affiliate of the same organization in the US. The international firm can be either a foreign or US or organization. To become eligible for a L-1 visa, individuals should be at the executive or managerial level, or have expert knowledge and be intended to a role within the U.S. firm at either of these levels. Moreover, applicants should have worked outside the US along with the international firm constantly for a period of one year in the three years before their application for admission into the US. 

US F1 Visa 

F1 visa is completely different from the above mentioned visas. Both the above mentioned visas are work visas, whereas, F1 visa is student visa that enables international students to enter and pursue their full time studies in the US. This visa allows overseas nationals to dwell in the country till the completion of the course duration. Individuals can also engage in work on this visa.
Studying and working in the US is an amazing opportunity that enhances the individual’s career prospects. So, don’t tarry! Apply for the relevant American visa right now. 

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