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Different Types of US Student VisasA US education is highly regarded internationally. The United States has been considered as the ideal destination for overseas education, as the country welcomes tons of overseas students from across the globe every year to pursue their education. Not only that, in the US, individuals would get a chance to learn advanced technologies and they can also experience advanced teaching methodologies. A majority of the individuals cherish the dream of studying in the US and experiencing varied culture from close quarters. Regardless of study abroad program duration, studying in the US provides a new edge to individual’s qualifications as well as a new perception to their thoughts. However, a foreign national need to acquire an US Student Visa to study in America. 

US Student Visa

The US Student Visa enables overseas nationals to study and stay in the US for a certain period of time. However, prior to applying for student visa to US all the applicants should be accepted and agreed by their school or program. After getting approval, the respective educational institutions or universities would provide necessary endorsement documentation to each applicant, which has to be submitted while applying for US Student Visa. Applicants can apply for visa in a period of 120 days or less from the initial date of I-20 as well as can travel within 30 days starting from the date of I-20.

Types of US Student Visa

The government of US welcomes overseas students to study in the US. Thus, it has introduced various types of visas based on the individual’s course duration in the US. International students intending to study in America would have to apply for US student visas after they are get enrolled to the US college or university. However, the individual’s acceptance in their respective institution doesn’t assure that they will be granted with a US student visa. The following are three varied types of US student visas for international students:

US F1 Student Visa

This type of visa is granted for individuals who have been accepted into a credited university or college in the US for pursuing academic studies or English language program. These visas are the most common form of visa granted for international students to study in the U.S. Students of F1 visa should maintain the minimum course pack for full-time student status. They are also permitted to work part-time, on-campus employment and moreover they can work on optional practical training (OPT) for a period up to one year after finishing their academic program. 

US M1 Student Visa

This visa is structured for individuals who are planning to take up non-Academic or vocational studies in the US. However, individuals should be accepted by a non-academic or vocational US institution or university. M-1 visa holders for vocational or technical programs are not enabled to work while pursuing their educational courses in the US. The M-1 student visa holders should have proof that have adequate finance available in their hands, in order to pay their tuition fee and meet their living expenses till the completion of their stay in the US. 

US J1 Student Visa

This visa is granted for the overseas students who want to obtain practical training which is not available in their native country in order complete their academic program. US J1 Student visa enables overseas students to fetch for employment as the F-1 visa, with akin limitations, providing consent is given by the exchange visitor program sponsor. Individuals require this type of visa if they have been accepted into a program via a nominated sponsoring association to partake in the exchange visitor program in the US. 

All these aforesaid visas enables individuals to engage in US education either short-term or long terms courses. However, the major difference is both the F1 and J1 visas enables provides the possibility of employment in the US while their stay, whereas the M1 Visa doesn’t.

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