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Work in USA with Different Work Visas

Different US Work VisasThe United States is the country of choice of most people overseas when it comes to immigration. Mostly people migrate to the US to visit the country or study in its world-class institutions or to work there. Whatever is the reason for immigration, this country with unique landscapes, better opportunities and a stable economy brings scope for betterment in an individual’s life.

Apply for US Work Visas:

There are a lot of different types of work visas if you wish to work in the US. These USA work visa provide access to you and open doors to the US market. Below is a list of the different types of US work visa in brief:-
  • US L1 Visa: Is for multi-national executives, managers at the senior level or workers with specialized knowledge
  • TN Visa: For professionals qualifying under NAFTA
  • O1 Visa: This is a special visa type for individuals who possess extraordinary skills in the fields of art, education, sciences, business or athletics. People with an outstanding record of achievement in the television or motion picture industry are also eligible for this visa
  • E Visa: This visa type is related to people who invest in new or existing businesses in the US or those involved in ample business of services or products in the US
  • US H1B Visa: This visa is a skilled worker visa.
  • J Visa: This is part of training programs for the individuals and visitors participating in such programs.
  • P Visa: Limited to sportspersons or entertainment professionals.
It is important to figure out which visa category you fall into when you apply for US work visa, depending upon the job position, time duration and qualifications. If you are a Canadian who is willing to work in the US, you need to have basic knowledge about the US work visa information. Due to the NAFTA, as a citizen of Canada, you can directly apply for US L1 and TN visa at a US port of entry.

Eligibility to Obtain a US Work Visa:

  • Intra-company transferee(L-1): You qualify for this visa if your company transfers you to a new or existing branch office in the US
  • Professional or Consultant (TN): If you are a Canadian citizen who has been offered a professional job by a US employer or if you are a consultant to a U.S company, you are eligible for this visa
  • Entrepreneur (E): If you are a person who is interested in acquiring an existing U.S business or in establishing a business venture in the country or your current business is involved in significant trade with the US, you can apply for this visa.
Knowledge of these USA work visa will help you in selecting the right option by which you can immigrate to the US and work here.

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