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[caption id="attachment_1866" align="alignright" width="300"]Resume vs CV vs Bio Data Resume vs CV vs Bio Data[/caption] RESUME : Resume is a French term denoting "synopsis". A resume is ideally a review of person's education, abilities and job history while applying for a fresh job. A resume doesn't list out all aspects of a profile, but only a few particular experiences customized to the target job profile. It, therefore, is normally 1 or at the max 2 pages lengthy. A resume is normally drafted, in the third person, to give it an aspiration and precise nature. A great resume would begin with a Brief Profile of the applicant, Summary of Qualifications, supported by Industry Expertise and later Professional Experience in converse chronological order. This would be followed by Education details and/or Professional Affiliations and/or Voluntary Initiatives. CV : Curriculum Vitae is a Latin term signifying "course of life". It is further accurate than a resume, usually 2 to 3 pages, or also longer as per the necessity. A C.V. lists out each skill, all the posts, and professions held, credentials, professional affiliations the candidate has received, and in sequential series. A C.V. is utilized to highlight the overall talent of the applicant in preference to specific skills for a specific job. BIO-DATA : Bio Data is the abbreviated for Biographical Data and is an old terminology for a Resume or C.V. In a bio data, center of attention is on own particulars like gender, marital status, date of birth, race, nationality, creed, residence, and the related. A sequential listing of experience and education comes after that. To summarize:

  • A Resume would be ideally befitted when experience people apply for certain jobs where certain abilities  are further valuable than education.
  • A C.V should be the selected option for fresh graduates or anybody looking for a profession change. It could be  similarly utilized by people applying for educational jobs.
  • The word bio-data is often utilized in India when people apply for government positions, or for research grants where one has to submit detailed articles. Bio Data are not popular in the global markets where personal information like religion, gender, age, are not required to be presented by applicants.

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