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A real job seeker remembers that a good resume is an opener to an interview invitation and eventually, to employment. Apart from a review of your skills, education and work experience, your resume should show your unusual business features to attract a possible employer to hire you.

The puzzle to an overwhelming resume is to discuss the specific requirement of a particular job. To prepare a simple resume, first organize acquired facts under particular headlines like work experience, education, activities, achievements, and skills. While everything is on paper, choose on the peculiar format, to work up your exceptional features that suit the job specifications.

Resume Models:

  1. Chronological Resume: Chronological resume is recommended for applicants with uniform job history and a substantial experience in a particular field and for the applicants would want to proceed along this related profession track. Most companies prefer the indicated style as it is easily edible and it is based on facts. This resume format is very popular insisting on detailed employment history. It is important to display career history in opposite chronological order, beginning with prevailing job and going backwards. Every position should contain a summary of related responsibilities and achievements.
  2. Functional Resume: Functional resume is proper fit for new graduates and job hoppers envying for a career change. This resume format helps to cover apparently disconnected experiences by presenting interchangeable skills and correlated achievements. Organize employment history into sections that highlight achievements and skills, considered most suitable for the position applied. Constantly include the organization name in bulleted representation of your achievements. Never miss out at least a short sequential order of your working history.
  3. Combination Resume: Combination resume format seeks to merge the best characteristics of the functional type and chronological resumes by adding both a skills and achievements and a chronological work experience area. First point of convergence is on skills and achievements, followed by job history. Though few companies will find this format redundant, confusing and long, this kind of resume can be good to someone with good editing abilities.
  4. Electronic Resume: Electronic resume is adopted by various people to post resumes to electronic resume groups and make the on-line job applications. The resume is posted by email conversely can be seen on the Internet. It has to be uniquely formatted for searching and scanning by visual scanning systems. This format of resume is fast growing an increasingly popular and pleasant form of job application as it is fast, effective and helpful. Comes in various file forms, but most popular are hypertext, rich text and plain text.

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