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Permanent Residents in Australia

What are the Rights of Australian Permanent Residents?

Australian permanent residents are the Australian residents, who possess permanent residence visas however, are not the citizens of the country. A noteworthy feature of the visa is that even after the expiry of the initial grant of the visa the visa holder has the right to stay within the country by abiding the immigration rules.  Following the expiry of the visa, if the visa holder has intentions to travel outside and into the country with permanent resident status then he or she has the right to do so by acquiring a Resident Return Visa (RRV). However, one may lose the Australian permanent residents status if the duration of the stay outside the country is for long period. 

Australian Permanent Residents Rights:

Australian permanent residents may reside in Australia for an indefinite period. When a visa is issued initially it is issued for a period of five years within which the visa holder has the right to move out and into the country without any restriction. 

Following are the few additional rights of Australian Permanent Residents

  • Gain the right to apply for Australian citizenship after waiting for certain period and fulfilling the required criteria. This is considered to be most significant amongst the various Australia permanent residency rights. Following the completion of the waiting period, Australian permanent residents can become citizens. 
  • Has the privilege to sponsor relatives for permanent residence, dependent on the fulfillment of required residence standards and guarantee of support.
  • Children, who take birth in Australia gain the citizenship status by birth
  • With a two year waiting period Australian permanent residents can enjoy social security and medical benefits as a part of their Australia pr rights.

Programs for gaining Australian Permanent Residents Rights

There are various programs under which an individual can gain permanent residency and enjoy the rights that the permanent resident can get in Australia.  "General Skilled Migration Program" is the major program available for skilled workers. For more Australia immigration updates please follow MoreVisas Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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