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Europe's Fascination for Australian - Style Immigration
Posted on: 12 Jul 2016  |   Tags: ,

Europe's fascination for Australian-style immigrationThe Britain’s exit from the European Union allowed the leave campaigners to focus on Australian model of immigration. Australia is the only country happy with the immigrant population.

In June 2015, Australia Immigration accepted 190 000 lawful foreign nationals. Among those 68 percents are skilled individuals and the remaining people are refugees. Despite such a large scale influx of immigrants, Australia can manage the immigrant population by being them great freedom.

The Australian style of immigration addresses the problem of skill shortages and population imbalance. 28 percent of the Australian population is born overseas and every year close to 200 000 immigrants are welcomed through streamlined immigration procedures.

Refugees who come to Australia for resettlement are provided proper training such that they become economically independent. Australia Immigration along with the private agencies helps Refugees to learn English and work in its associated industries.

The unique feature of Australian point based system is it effectively works on how to channel the immigrants into different industries. The model is working and inspiring other countries to adapt its techniques.

The Brexit campaigners promoted Australian model for the United Kingdom, and many European countries are studying the system.

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