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Skilled Nominated Visa (sub-class 190) of Australia
Posted on: 27 Feb 2014  |   Tags: Australia , migration , Skilled Nominated Visa , Visa ,

About Skilled Nominated Visa:

[caption id="attachment_2108" align="alignleft" width="300"]Skilled-Nominated-Visa About Skilled Nominated Visa[/caption] This category of visa for immigration to Australia is also (i.e. like some other) an immigration-focused, points-based program for skilled workers only. But, one primary condition of this visa category (immigration to Australia visa) is that the applicant has to be ‘nominated’ by the government of Australia (i.e. the Australian federal government), or a provincial government. And, for this nomination to take place, the applicant must first submit an ‘expression of interest’ and thereafter be invited through the ‘skill select’ program.   The ‘expression of interest’ in migrating to Australia is nothing but a formal request and application to be considered for the migration process of ‘sub-class 190’ and the ‘skill select’ is a process wherein the skills as possessed and documented by the applicant aid the government – federal or provincial – to nominate the applicant. And finally, based on the ‘skills select’ test, points are awarded and the application for immigration (immigration to Australia) is either accepted or rejected. And, if the applicant is indeed successful in the points-based ‘skill test’, he or she is allowed to live anywhere in Australia i.e. allowed to migrate to Australia.

Basic requirements for immigration to Australia:

[caption id="attachment_2109" align="alignright" width="300"]Basic-requirements-for-immigration-to-Australia Basic requirements for immigration to Australia[/caption] The basic requirements for the process for immigration to Australia and the process itself are quite involved and lengthy, even though, the process is in essence, quite straightforward. Thus, to begin with, firstly, the applicant ought to have nominated an occupation, which is on the ‘skilled occupation list’. Also, the applicant must get done a suitable skills test assessment which is nothing but a process wherein a relevant assessing authority states formally that the applicant is qualified for submitting his/her application in a suitable occupation and is eligible to apply for a skill select test program. The other basic requirements are that the applicant must not be older than 50 years of age, he/she must obtain a test score which equals or is more than the number of points as set by or stated in the letter of invitation, should have or possess a competency in English language which is more than the minimum specified. All of these are a part of and integral to the process of immigration to Australia (or, Australian immigration) All of the evidence which goes in to substantiate the applicant’s claims for both nomination and the skills-based test must be submitted. Some other requirements for clearing and completing this process are that the applicant must be in good health, meet some minimum/requisite character requirements, owe no debts to the government of Australia and also provide his/her biometrics. Finally, based on the above submissions, the visa processing of Skilled Nominated Visa for the application for migrate to Australia is undertaken by the Australian authorities and a decision is conveyed to the candidate (or, the applicant). Here is one more post you may love to read about Australia Immigration Australia’s Skilled Independent Worker Visa Program (‘Subclass 189’).

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