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Sponsoring your Family Member with Australian Family Sponsored Visa

Family Sponsored Visa AustraliaThe requirement of family members to stay together and supporting those family members who are depended is well recognized by Australia. The scheme of family migration permits the qualified individuals to sponsor their members of family for joining them in Australia either on permanent or temporary basis.

The applicant and the sponsor would require meeting the eligibility requirements that differs depending on what visa the individual qualify for.

The sponsor would be needed to offer support to the applicant for the period of two years from the time they get there in Australia. Moreover, the sponsor might be needed to offer a written application in few cases that would be needed to give a Support Assuarance (AoS).

The Applicant Would Require Meeting the Eligibility Requirement for the Visa

  • Satisfying the health requirement
  • Character requirements
  • Meeting the balance of family test
  • Providing biometric identification

Individuals who can Apply for the Family Sponsored Visa Australia

  • Children with parents residing in Australia
  • Parents with one or more children residing in Australia

Individual can come to Australia on family sponsored visa Australia, if any of its family member is residing in Australia as a permanent resident. The family member could either be a parent, sister, brother, grandchild, grant parent, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.

This family sponsored visa Australia works on points based system, the applicant is assessed on many aspects like their proficiency in English language, educational qualification and other skills. The individual who applies for this visa needs a sponsor who would be the actual person responsible for the candidate’s application. The sponsor should be above 18 years of age and he should proof that he/she is financially stable to sponsor.

Types of Australian Family Sponsorship Visa:

  • Parent permanent visa
  • Child permanent visa
  • Contributory aged patent temporary and permanent visa
  • Contributory parent temporary and permanent visa
  • Aged parent permanent visa

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