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The demand for skilled workers increasing in Canada and Australia
Posted on: 29 Aug 2013  |   Tags: canada work visa , Live and Work in Australia ,

It is globally known that there is a lack skilled worker overseas. This is an excellent period for individuals who have excellent skills and aspire to migrate overseas. It is a known fact about the basic economic principle of demand and supply, when the demand is low, and the supply is high, then the price of a commodity will go down and vice versa. If we start applying this theory, then it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if an individual falls in the skilled worker category he/she will be paid handsomely when compared to the salaries offered in India.


Australia Work Visa - MorevisasSkilled workers include dentists, doctors, engineers, electricians, sales and marketing professionals, plumbers, teachers and IT professionals. They are always in demand, in stable economies like Canada and Australia. These countries are welcoming immigrants in order to fulfill the shortage of skilled workers in their countries. Australia and Canada have specialized immigration program to fulfill their economic needs. It is like a win-win situation for all concerned. The countries get their deficient skilled manpower that helps in their economic development, and, on the other hand, the immigrants can look forward for a better job opportunities and a better standard of living. If individual aspires to Migrate to Canada he/she will have to apply for a Canada Work Visa. If he/she aspires to Migrate to Australia he/she will have to apply for Australia Work Visa. An individual can take guidance from an immigration and visa counselor for processing his/her visa. MoreVisas is the best immigrating and visa counselor. Their expert immigration counselors will help in the complete documentation process for securing a visa.

Australia and Canada have a low population, and they face an acute shortage of skilled workers. This is the reason for launching various types of skilled immigration programs in Canada and Australia. A majority of immigrants are from Asian countries like India, China and Japan, where there is no shortage of IT professionals, teachers and doctors. The remuneration is not good; also individuals from the European countries migrate here. This has happened especially after the euro zone financial crisis. Even Mexico and USA have their share of immigrants travelling to Australia and Canada.

A sense of job security along with excellent package, better lifestyle and job satisfaction, are the key factors that an immigrant looks forward to migrating to Canada and Australia.

These countries are economically strong and stable; this can be gained only if they have a workforce which can deliver. Specialized jobs require certain set of skills and these countries are making sure that they get their share of skilled workers from all over the globe.

Australia and Canada both have excellent skilled worker immigration programs. In Canada, it is known as Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, and in Australia, it is called Skill Select.

Australia Skill Select

Skill Select is a significant change which helps to manage the skilled migration program in Australia. It helps to ensure that skilled migration program is based according to the economic needs of the country.  Skill Select will also address regional skill shortages. This will help the Government of Australia to manage who can apply for skilled migration, when they can apply and how many in numbers. This will allow the intending migrants to indicate whether they are willing to live and work in Australia. This will be a benefit to employers who are experiencing skill shortages including state and territory governments attempting to settle migrants in Australia. Immigration department of Australia escalated a list of skilled jobs. If the job profile and duties match according to the experience and qualification of skilled worker, then he/she can apply for this visa program. This is a point based program where points are allotted to an individual based upon his age, educational qualification, work experience and language. If you manage to score 60 point, then you are eligible to apply.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada Skilled worker program is for those individuals who aspire to live and work in Canada. This is a point based program. The individual will be allotted points based on language skills, age, educational qualifications and work experience. He/she has to gain at least 67 points to apply for the visa. The individuals work experience should match the jobs mentioned in the occupation list.

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