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Thinking for Immigrating to Australia
Posted on: 06 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Australia citizenship , Australia Employment , Australia PR ,

Immigration to AustraliaNearly a quarter of Australia’s population is built upon immigrants, meaning that millions upon millions of individuals and families have made their way from their home country at some point and decided to stay. Over 5 million, in fact, have been recorded as having moved from their home country in the past several years alone.

Some come for work, others for education, and a small number simply fall in love with the place over a vacation or short stay.

In any case, the numbers of immigrants that make up the country’s population are typically those that are looking for a way to change their lives.

The immigration numbers of Australia are greater than those of New Zealand, Canada, America, and England, with New Zealand being the only country that comes close to matching Australia. Immigrants come from almost everywhere, but each and every one is almost always seeking a better life in a new country.

The greatest concentration of immigrants comes from the United Kingdom. Well over a million immigrants have made their way from the UK to Australia according to recent polls.

The median length for most immigrants is around 20 years. What this means is that once people from other countries settle in Australia they are more than likely in for the long haul. It’s not really a surprise, as with many jobs the pay is better, the area is nicer, and the overall quality of life is a great deal better in Australia.

Around eighty-five percent of immigrants live in the urban areas of Australia.

About sixty-four percent of native Australians, meaning those born in the country, live in urban areas. The urban areas are more heavily populated, largely because this is where the jobs are, and where the biggest concentration of people is.

Those that exist outside the cities and further away from civilization are really no different from any other individual in any country that lives apart from the city.

There is a kind of peace to be found in the Australian wilds, so long as an individual understands the ever-present dangers and hazards that are presented by the local wildlife.

Many immigrants need not fear the local wildlife that is known to be quite vicious when provoked, but those that seek to enter the country illegally are continually reminded that Australian wildlife is anything but forgiving.

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