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Types of Work Permit Visas for Australia
Posted on: 04 Nov 2015  |   Tags: Australia , Skilled Visa , Visa , Work Permit Visas ,

Work Permit Visa for AustraliaAustralia contributes several employment opportunities to skilled specialized experts that permit them to migrate to Australia. The profits are common with the worker adding a beautiful overseas experience in this ethnically diverse nation and the Australian economy bringing in the developments which help to improve their labor force. 

There are different types of work permit visas for Australia. They are

Skilled Independent Visa: 

  • This type of work permit visa is granted to that candidate who can show that they have the essential skills and education requisite by for a specific profession that has been listed under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). 
  • It does not require the employer to sponsor the worker. 
  • The candidate needs to score at least 60 points on a points-based assessment to be entitled to this visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa: 

  • This type of work visa is granted to those who are usually eligible to work for the development of the Australian economy. This is a permanent visa type. 
  • The only condition to be qualified for this particular visa is that the candidate needs to be sponsored by the employer.

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa: 

  • This is a type of provisional visa is granted to those who hold the skills to progress the Australia's workers by working in a particular expanse.
  • The criteria to be entitled to this visa type comprise of being sponsored by a relation or the company and being primed to work in a definite province for at least one year.
  • This visa terminates after 4 years after which the worker may apply for PR.

Temporary Business Visa: 

  • This is a provisional work visa issued to those abroad workers who are being sponsored by their managers.
  • The employers are required to assure specific recommendation and sponsorship criterion for the worker to be entitled of applying for this visa.

Employer Nomination Program: 

  • This is a long-term work permit visa that is granted to the abroad workforce who is sponsored by their employers.
  • This kind of visas are granted to boost the country’s activeness worldwide as well as packing up the skills scarcities in the market


  • Valid Passport 
  • 2-3 recent photographs.
  • Offer letter for the employment by the employer.
  • Evidence of dependents, if any
  • Insurance covering health and travel.
  • Good conduct documentation.
  • Personal Character Assessment. 
  • Related prospectus, certificates etc.
  • English Language proficiency.

Applying For Work Permit Visa: 

  • The primary step engrosses deciding the group of work visa depending on the employment offer.
  • The candidate is required to convince the requirements of a points-based assessment, if applicable.
  • The company needs to complete the sponsorship form, prior to the person applies for the visa.

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