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A New Website Launched to Compare Different Services of Aged Care

A new online federal government website, My Aged Care, has been launched in order to assist people in choosing providers of aged care. The aim of the website is to help the aged people and their families in making decisions related to in-home support service and nursing homes. The website is same as the controversial My School website that compares schools and their specific results. According to the Chief Executive of Council on the Ageing (COTA), Ian Yates, many people don’t know about aged care until their family member needs the support system. He also said that it is a user-friendly website that is supported by a call centre for people who require direct personal advice. It is important to know all the details like availability, time duration, staff who offers the service and cost before undertaking a specific aged care service. Australia Image From July 2014, more information will be added on the particular website that includes quality indicators that are useful in comparing the nursing homes. Mr Yates also said that the negotiations have already started with the nursing homes on what type of information that they will provide. By this time in 2014, the website is going to be a ideal place for undertaking assessments for aged care. People can also create their own direct personal record in the website. The website is regarded as a part of the changes that have been done through a recent legislation towards aged care. This website is going to change the present structure of aged care towards a customer driven and home care driven system. Mr Yates also expressed interest to take same type of steps towards disability care by 2016.

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