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Change in Australian Skilled Occupation List Is a Boon for IT Industry
In a scenario where the businesses are Skills-starved, a chance for close engagement with the government is welcome as it entails reviewing the in-demand technology skills in Australia.

Shortage of Talent through Australian Immigration

Australia has a chronic shortfall of technology workers and it is figuring out ways to meet the demands of an industry. An Australian 2019 report suggests that it will need 100,000 more workers to reach 800,000 people totally by 2024. Reviewing the Skilled Occupation List  involves consultation in an extensive manner with employers, industry, unions, and persons to ensure that the skilled migration programs reflect the skills that are necessary for the employers today and tomorrow in the domestic workforce.

New Thinking about Technical Skills

Additionally, the government has introduced  A series of changes to skilled-migration programs in this year like the fast-track visas favoring regional workers, curtailing the length of visas to two years, clamping down on underpayment by employers,  updating the National Skills List, and extending the Global Talent  Employer Sponsored visa scheme for an indefinite period.

Also the government has announced about launching the network of recruiters for identifying and attracting 5000 outstanding workers. As per the World Economic Forum Australia is the 6th best destination for skilled workers but the visa programs are a problem. This is a new opportunity for engaging with the government. The recent changes in migration programs the government serve as a good first step but these changes cannot solve the short-term challenges nor help in hiring the necessary tech skills. New Measures and New Approach

When the flow of skilled workers for major industries, is not enough, there is an invitation to the government, for collaborating with the tech industry, to know the real needs and accordingly address them.

The review is a response to meet the challenges which the employers face in matching the changing job descriptions in technology jobs to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations codes as per the list. The First Edition Revision 1 that added 16 occupations to the list was done in 2009.

There was a rapid development in the technology industry in the past decade, and to match today’s job demands with the ANZSCO hierarchy is proving difficult for all employers.

The result is vague and out of date job descriptions. There was a recent update in the list in March, in the Temporary Skill Shortage visa for providing separate STSOL, ROL and MLTSSL skill lists, linking the skill requirements with the need they fill.

Modernizing Job Descriptions

There is a plan of updating the ANZSCO list in 2021 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Such reviews intensively involve labor and resources. The government is committed to review, and update the skilled occupation list which presently has 508 jobs in the categories of short, medium and long-term, and also the regional occupation lists to give industry a good chance to strive for a relevant set of job descriptions in the ICT sector.

Some of most in-demand ICT skills today are Agile Practitioners, Data Scientists, Cloud Architects and Cyber Security Consultants. That also creates problems for employers trying to force their needs for other categories into an inadequate space, taking the place of skilled technicians in the categories.

Skilled migrants prefer Australia as their destination for working and settling, but continuing disturbance in the visa processing of migrants leaves them in an indeterminate state.

There is a fundamental transformation in the industry and in case the skills list does not move according to the times, it risks hurting the industry seeking the talent desperately. Today technology plays a vital role in making changes and development of new services and products, making many most companies to invest in IT.

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