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All You Need to Know About Australian Permanent Residence Visas

Australian_Permanent_Residence_Visas_1549870557In the 2016-17 financial year of Australia, a sum of 183,608 permanent residence visas was given.

The Australian Home Affairs Department website explains a Permanent Resident of Australia is a non-citizen who holds the permanent visa. A permanent resident is able to live, study and work without restriction in Australia. The 05 primary categories of Australian Permanent Residence visas are valid for a duration of 5 years and with renewal can continue the recipient lifetime.

Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident of Australia

As the earlier description shows, there are notable advantages to having an Australian PR Visa. Foreign citizens on an Australian PR visa:

  • Able to live anyplace in Australia

  • Able to live in Australia permanently

  • Can study, Work, or travel similar to Australian Citizen

  • Can Purchase a house

  • Can Send their children to government schools of Australia without paying fees of an international student

  • Can Have a path to services of Centrelink government

  • Can utilize Medicare services of the Government

  • Bring their next family (spouse and children) with them. These children and spouses have the same benefits as the principal applicant

  • Notably being an Australian Permanent Resident gives a pathway to becoming an Australian citizen.

Australian Permanent Residence Visas

These are the 05 principal categories of Permanent Residence Visas of Australia, all of which can be appealed for in Australia or offshore (overseas):

Category 1: Family Visas

  1. Partner/Spouse visa

  2. Parent visa

  3. Child visa

  • Child (Permanent) visa (Subclass 101)

  • Adoption (Permanent) (Subclass 102) visa

  1. Relative visa

Category 2: Employer Nominated Visas

There are 02 Employer Nominated visas; prominently, the Regional (Subclass 187) visa and the Employer Nominated ( Subclass 186) visa.

Category 3: Skilled Visas

There are 02 major Skilled visas: The Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa and the Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa.

Category 4: Business Skilled Migration Visas

For this category, there is Business Talent (Subclass 132) visa.

Category 5: Special Migration (Skilled Talent) Visas

This category of Special visa is for the Distinguished Talent Subclass 124 and Subclass 858 visas.

Eligibility and Requirements for Permanent Residence Visas of Australia

Several requirements an applicant should meet to be qualified for any of the above Australian Permanent Residence Visas like age, education, work experience, and language abilities.

There is one perspective of all the Australian PR Visas that you will become conscious of and need to follow: If you ever leave the Australia shores, you need to do so with a genuine Resident Return visa. With this visa, you are able to re-enter Australia quickly to continue without failure of your permanent residence.

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