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Important Tips to Obtain Partner Visa Within Seven Months

As per the yearly statistics, every year approximately 50,000 Partner Visa applications get accepted. If you also need to obtain a partner visa within 07 months then here are few suggestions and tips you can follow. It is not an easy task to appeal for the Partner Visa. There are many formalities, evidence, and processes of documentation that candidates have to go by to get the DeFacto/ Spouse/ Prospective Marriage Visa. Consequently, with the aid of partner Visa, partner of an Australian Citizen or permanent resident becomes qualified to live in Australia temporarily.

Prior to Appealing for Partner Visa Gather All the Information

If you need to reside with your partner in Australia, then you should appeal with all the evidence ready for verification. As per our MIGRATION EXPERTS, the procedure and possibilities of obtaining the Partner Visa are a bit complicated and time-consuming. Besides, receiving a partner Visa is expensive too. Moreover, many frauds fudge people having incorrect information. Therefore, the correct and full application plays a vital role in Partner Visa completion. Generally, it needs 07 to 12 months for Australian immigration to give the final judgment on file, if there are no further evidence or documents to be evaluated further.

Eligibility Criteria for Partner Visa

If you are like to obtain a Partner Visa then you should be able to show a genuine, strong, committed and enduring relationship with the individual who is: • A Citizen of Australian • Permanent Resident of Australia • Qualified Citizen of New Zealand

Offshore Partner Visa Types

Offshore Partner Visa has 02 stages: • Provisional visa • Migrant visa

Partner Provisional Visa (Subclass 309)

75% of applications 12 months
90% of applications   17 months

Migrant Partner Visa (Subclass 100)

75% of applications 17 months
90% of applications   21 months
  Well, you will be shocked to know that receiving Partner Visa is not only time eating but also one of the expensive Visa Procedures. Yes, it requires a massive price of $7,160 by the Home Affairs Department. Therefore, make assured you are guided or advised correctly and that your appeal is Decision Ready. As per the present global processing times of Home Affairs, it takes approximately 17 to 21 months to complete the Application Process Partner Visa

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