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Australia Skilled Nominated VisaAustralia Skilled-Nominated Visa is a permanent work visa, especially designed for individuals who hold certain qualifications and skills that are required in Australia. The occupation of these professionals should be listed on SOL (Skilled Occupation List). These professionals should score at least 60 points in point system and must be sponsored by a relative who is residing in Australia or nominated by an Australian state or government. 

Who can get Australia Skilled Nominated Visa?

Applicants are eligible for this visa, if they are:

  • Under 50 years of age 
  • Posses the skills and qualifications that are in tandem with the Australian standard for a profession listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 
  • Applicants must qualify in point base system. Points will be allotted for various factors such as age, relevant work experience, English language skills, spouse skills and other factors

In order to be sponsored by a relative, the family member of Australia Skilled Nominated Permanent Visa applicant must reside in Australia and should be either an:

Applicant must hold relationship with their sponsor. The relationship can be either a:

  • Dependent child (natural or adoptive or step-child)
  • Parent (adoptive or step-parent)
  • Brother or sister (adoptive or step-siblings) 
  • Niece or nephew (adoptive or step-niece or nephew)
  • Aunt or uncle – (adoptive or step-aunt or uncle)

Nomination from a State or Territory Government:

Both state and territory governments can nominate Australia Skilled Nominated Visa applicants whose occupation is listed in shortage professions in particular state or territory. If your occupation is listed, then you can contact the respective state or territory government to know whether they wish to nominate you. Even you can also get information with regards to employment, schools and housing you wish to reside in.

What are the Benefits of Australia Subclass 190 Visa?

Australia subclass 190 visa permits you as well as your dependents to reside in Australia as permanent residents. Individuals who are entitled with permanent resident status are allowed to reside and work in Australia for indefinite period. Beside these, you are also allowed to study in school, university or take part in Vocational Education and Training in Australia. And, holders of Australia subclass 190 visa will be benefited from healthcare facilities through Medicare and can avail social security benefits.

So, if you are interested to immigrate to Australia, then this is the right time to apply for Australia subclass 190 visa.

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