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Australian PR Visa
We are identifying the mistakes that are at the foundation of rejection of an application for Australian PR visa for the benefit of the interested persons.

Filling the visa type wrongly

One can seek Australian permanent residence visa in four subclasses:

  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 
  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass 494 and finally  
  • Skilled Work Regional Visa Subclass 491

The Subclasses 491 494 have the validity for only three years and are liable for converting into the PR visa subsequently. There is a possibility of rejection if candidates apply in a exact category and do not fulfill the necessary conditions. 

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Your chosen occupation must be in the Skills Shortage List. 

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 

You must be nominated by a state or territory in Australia and also, your chosen occupation must be in the Skills Shortage List. 

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 191

Opens from November 2022, you must satisfy eligibility requirements of visa subclasses 491 & 494. It is mainly for immigration to regional areas of Australia. 

Misuse of Temporary Visa 

If candidates apply for the PR visa, they must ensure that they had not violated norms, conditions and terms of a previous temporary visa in Australia. There is a possibility of rejection if candidates do not sort out their past actions. 

Inadequate balance in Bank Account

Immigration rules in Australia command that all aspiring immigrants have to furnish information in the bank account, supporting an evidence of their financial stability. Discrepancies of any type, identity mismatch, or insufficient funds, can cause rejection of visa application.   

Failure in English language proficiency

English Language proficiency is obligatory for all applicants. Its proficiency level is not high, but PR visa applicants need to achieve the basic level of a language test for strengthening their case.  The dependent are exempted from the severe provisions of this language test, but the primary applicant must pass the test and failing in it invites rejection. 

Contradictory information in Visa Application

No person desires to give artificial information in a visa application, and if it is detected the authorities charge the applicants with fraud that can lead to a ban of 5-years temporarily or permanently for entering Australia 

  • Insufficient information such as non submission of support documents for dependents, leads to rejection.
  • Additionally, if the candidates fail to meet character requirements past criminal records may also invite rejection. 

Health standard requirements

All aspiring applicants must follow the Health Code in Australia. As per present immigration rules, any applicant, suffering from a heart ailment, mental health issue, HIV or cancer is not allowed to settle in the country. Candidates must have a complete health check-up before they apply for this PR visa. 

The issue of professional help

In the PR visa application process, applicants have to fulfill several legal requirements with correct interpretations. Immigration rules are dynamic and candidates have to stay updated.  It is better to avail the services of a MARA registered consultant.

The case of reapplying 

On meeting all the requirements one can reapply on a suitable day if no ban period is stated in the rejection letter based on the mistake. Please contact us to get a better chance of getting an Australian PR visa, and ensure success in immigration to Australia. 

Please contact us for all related issues and we assure of offering professional help.

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