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Why Study in Australia?

Studying in Australia is the dream of several students who seek instruction abilities and want to have a better future. It is popular with Engineers and MBA students. Universities in Australia offer coordinated projects. Many Australian colleges have a good reputation and cost of education is also not high. IELTS is compulsory here for applying to get Australia Student Visa

Australia Student Visa

It enables the students to remain in Australia and undertake full-time study. For Applying to get it students require a Confirmation of Enrollment from a college. The evidence required is dependent on the original nation and college.

Where can the Students apply for this visa?

1. English Courses like General English, I.E.L.T.S planning, and others 2. Professional Courses in Tourism, Marketing, Business, Sport Fitness, and Hospitality, 3. Bachelor's Degree or PhD Courses offered by a College

The visa term depends upon the program of choice:

In case of choice of a 6-month course, the Australia Student Visa will last for a half year In case of choice of a three year program, the student visa Australia will hold for a long time The program must have a range of 12 -52 weeks. • For courses below 10 months candidates get multi month additional. • For courses above ten months candidates get 2 additional months. • For courses above ten months in which the term ends in December, candidates get three additional months.

Australia student visa fees:

The fee was increased in July 2017. The students can avail Australia (subclass 500) visa. There is a change in student visa fees from time to time.

Advantages of an Australia Student Visa:

• The students can Study and Work in Australia • Besides there are No age restrictions • Opting for the Post-Graduate visa • Inclusion of a relative

Australia Student Visa Requirements:

The prerequisites for an Australia student visa are:

• Completed Australian student visa application (157 A) • Copy of international ID bio-information page also • Declaration of Enrollment / Offer Letter • Finally, four recent ID photographs

Eligibility Criteria:

• Finances • English capability • Good health • Character fitness

Student Spouse Visa and Student Dependent Visa:

Bringing close relatives is allowed for an international student entering Australia on a study visa. The migration rules also permit mates, and unmarried offspring below 18 years in age to accompany in Student Spouse Visa Australia or Student Dependent Visa Australia.

Qualification Criteria:

Getting a study visa

For a partner or dependent spouse:

Being the spouse of the individual or an accepted partner even of same-sex

For a dependent child:

• The dependent youngster must own or belong to the accomplice • He/she must not be married • He/she must be 18 years old and dependent

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