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Australian Work Permit VisaAustralia is a great country to visit, holiday in, reside and live. It is an advanced country with a highly developed market economy, and has also been blessed with great natural beauty. Australia also has some of the most urbane cities in the world, such as Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc.

Australia receives a good number of visitors, tourists, workers, immigrants, etc. throughout the year. However aliens or foreigners who wish to travel to, visit, study, migrate to, work permit and live there, etc. there have to meet some stringent conditions and rules which have been put in place by the Australian government and its immigration authority.

How to get Australian work permit?

As for an alien wishing or seeking to work permit in Australia, there are a great number and types of visas available. Thus, first off, there are categories of Australian work permit visas such as

  • Temporary work permit visas
  • Nominated/Sponsored work permit visas
  • Permanent work permit visas.

Australia Temporary work permit:

Australia Temporary work permitAmong the Australian Temporary work permit Visas category of  Australian work permit visas.

Check list for Australian Temporary work permit Visas:

  • ‘Visa 400’ i.e. ‘Temporary Work Visa’ (Short Stay Activity),
  • Visa 401 i.e. Temporary Work Visa (Long Stay Activity),
  • Visa 403 i.e. Temporary Work Visa (International Relations),
  • Visa 416 i.e. Seasonal Worker Program,
  • Visa 420 i.e. Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visa,
  • Visa 417 i.e. Working Holiday Visa,
  • Visa 461 i.e. New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa,
  • Visa 462 i.e. Work and Holiday Visa,
  • Visa 457 i.e. Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa,
  • Visa 476 i.e. Skilled – Recognized Graduate Visa,
  • Visa 485 i.e. Temporary Graduate Visa,
  • Visa 488 i.e. Super Yacht Crew Visa,
  • Visa 942 i.e. Crew Travel Authority Visa
  • Visa 988 i.e. Maritime Crew Visa.

Australia Sponsored work permit:

Australia Sponsored work permitAmong the Australian nominated/sponsored work permit category of Australian work permit visas, the different types of visas are:

Check list for sponsored work permit visas:

Permanent work permit:

Australian Permanent work permitAmong the Australian permanent work permit visas category of Australian work permit visas, the different types of visas are as follows.

Check list for permanent work permit visas:

  • Visa 124 i.e. Distinguished Talent Visa
  • Visa 132 i.e. Business Talent (Permanent) Visa
  • Visa 186 i.e. Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Visa 187 i.e. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Visa 189 i.e. Skilled Independent Visa
  • Visa 489 i.e. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa
  • Visa 858 i.e. Distinguished Talent Visa
  • Visa 887 i.e. Skilled Regional Visa
  • Visa 888 i.e. Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa
  • Visa 893 i.e. State/Territory Sponsored Investor Visa
  • Visa 890 i.e. Business Owner Visa
  • Visa 891 i.e. Investor Visa.

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