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  1. You will be required to have a chest x ray if you fall under either of these two categories. If you have have had an abnormal chest X Ray in the past or if you have in the last five years spent three or more consecutive months in a country with a high rate of Tuberculosis or TB. This only applies if you are intending to work in the health care sector, with children in any capacity or if you are suspected of having a particular medical condition which may require you to undergo further treatment in the future. You will be required to declare this information on application.
    Australia Visa
    Australia Visa
  2. In order to apply for your Visa, you don’t actually have to have your passport. This is now lodged electronically. Once your Visa is granted it will be electronically attached to your passport so you won’t receive a label in your passport. This means that employers and immigration officials can look up your immigration status online. If you lose your Passport you should contact immigration straight away so that they can transfer your Visa over to your new passport. You should also be sure to keep safe your email containing your Visa grant notification.
  3. In order to apply for a Visa to enter Australia you must be between the ages of eighteen and thirty years old at the time of application. Anyone falling outside of these age guidelines will not be eligible to apply.
  4. There is actually not a set limit to the amount of jobs you can have at any one time in Australia. In theory you could work 4 jobs at a time if you wished to do so. The only stipulation here is that you must not work for any one employer for more than six months at any one time.
  5. You will be required to prove that you are in a position to financially support yourself on entering Australia. Immigration officials do often undertake random spot checks. You must have enough money or bank statements to show that you have the finances available to support yourself for the length of your stay and enough money to be able to pay for a flight home when required. A good guide to how much money is deemed necessary is $5000 for a period of twelve months.
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