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$6.6 Million Fund for Migrants Unemployment – Federal Government

A survey from The Australian Bureau of Statistics' Characteristics of Recent Migrants looked into the higher unemployment rates among the migrants as compared to Australian-born citizens. The survey reported that there is an 85 per cent unemployment rate among migrants. The report also detailed that in as much as 65 per cent of the migrants have additional qualification besides education prior to their migration to the country, only 51 per cent of them utilized their additional qualification during their first job in the country and a quarter of this 65 per cent did not utilized their highest qualification during their first job. Australia Image The primary hurdle of the recent migrants in their job search is language barrier. The report said that there was a higher unemployment rate for non-English-speaking migrants as compared to those who can speak the language. In an answer to this, the federal government allotted a $6.6 million fund to support the higher rate of migrant unemployment, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.Workplace Minister Bill Shorten will launch the Migrant Communities Employment Fund and would then be lobbied by Greens MP Adam Bandt. Mr Bandt had been sitting on the plight of migrants who were unable to utilize their utmost education qualifications in Australia.Mr Bandt, expressed that he was satisfied with the fund given as migrants find difficulty finding a more suitable jobs with their qualifications. According to Mr. Bandt, "The situation is getting worse. We have taxi drivers with master's degrees and recent graduates from local universities who cannot even get a job interview. Mr Shorten on the other hand praised Mr Bandt's dedication on the issue. He said that all Australians who were able to work should benefite from "the dignity, security and independence that a job can bring. It is in Australia's interest to ensure we're utilizing the productive capacity of each and every individual, including recent migrants and refuges." The Migrant Communities Employment Fund will be released within a two-year time period.However, in an editorial piece from WA Today, a disturbing opinion about migrants and refugees was raised. According to the editorial, there were self-immolations, adults sewing their lips together among the refugees and asylum seeker on Manus Island. These are things that should not be seen by children in the country.   The editorial article calls on the Federal Government to enforce stricter rules to prevent refugees from coming to Australia especially through boats, especially those coming from Malaysia and Jakarta. According to the editorial, "The regulations on how Australia defines a refugee within the vague Refugees Convention can be tightened without making it more difficult for those who have a well-founded fear of persecution. The key is how Australia defines serious harm to the person and significant economic hardship under the Migration Act. Many believe courts have broadened interpretation of those rules." Mr Rudd had this to say, "You would have to be deluding yourself if you didn't think there are a bunch of people who want to come to Australia for purely economic reasons." Foreign Minister Bob Carr said, "These are not cases of people under persecution who have cobbled together money to buy a fishing trawler, these are people who have been captured by money-making criminal syndicates."

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