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Around the world,  there are many smart phone users who downloaded more than 80 billion apps this year. According to the forecast, in the coming years the number is going to double by 160 billion by the year 2017. Many users download apps on their smartphone to make their surfing extremely easy. Now-a-days the apps are build for the comfort of the customers. One of the Australian company, Leadbolt is planning to place an advertisement in the apps. This will be a new way of publishing advertisements on apps. Leadbolt is a mobile advertising networking company. Leadbolt runs a platform that allows advertisers to place ads into the free mobile phone apps. The app developers receive the advertising revenue and Leadbolt takes the commission for providing this platform. As we very well know that, ads cost a lot and advertising through a proper medium can promote one's business. Leadbolt serves up to 5 billion ads per month providing services in 100 different countries and advertises on 40,000 different apps. After the idea was put into action, the next step of Leadbolt was to attract customers. Attracting customers were a real easy job, but the biggest drawback was that, a lot of app developers wish to work independently. Sometimes, the developers are from different countries that make harder to be in contact. The business must go on, so Leadbolt came up with the solution to get in touch with the app developers via online technical forums or trade shows.

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