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Australia Dependent Visa:

australiaAustralia offers a wide range of excellent career opportunities, because of which people from various countries show interest to migrate to Australia. If any of your family members or partners have migrated to Australia for education, work or business, you can join them, using Australia dependent visa.

Australia Dependent Visa Requirements:

Australia dependent visa requirements are listed below for one who seeks to migrate to Australia as a dependent. The dependent’s partner or family member must hold a temporary visa in Australia i.e. student Visa or Work visa or a PR (permanent residency) in Australia. The dependant will be eligible to travel to Australia, if he or she is included in student visa application of the candidate or applied by the candidate to join after the commencement of course in Australia. All the family members are to be declared in the visa application, even though they never plan to visit Australia, for them to join you with Australia dependent visa requirements.

Australia Dependent Visa for Wife or Partner:

If a person has not got married to the partner but wishes to apply for the spouse dependent visa, then a proof showing they lived together for a minimum time of 12 months before applying for the visa is required. Married couples should submit their marriage certificate before applying for the Australia dependent visa for wife .

Australia Dependent Visa Checklist:

Australia dependent visa checklist to apply for the Australia dependent visa includes documents such as evidence of
  • health insurance
  • Marriage certificate
  • passport ID page
  • passport photo and others. 
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