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Student Visa for Australia:

Student Visa for AustraliaAustralia has many world-class universities and institutions of higher learning. And, it also boats of an excellent weather, recreation facilities, and great scenic attractions. It is no wonder then, that Australia, the island country-continent attracts students from the world over. But, to come or arrive in Australia, the applicant has to have a student visa of Australia. And, there are many types of Australian student visas too depending on the subject of studies (or, kind of course) that the student wishes to undertake and also the type /kind of studies (higher-level or lower-level) he/she wishes to pursue.

Australian student visa checklist 2014:

Australia student visa checklistHere is Australian student visa checklist for 2014, for example to pursue university-level education, the applicant needs one of the three visas:
  •  Higher Education sector (573)
  •  Post Graduate Research sector (574)
  •  Aus Aid or the defence sector visa (576)
The other types of Austrian student visas are ‘training visas’, which are again subdivided into two more types:
  • Vocational education and training visa (572)
  • Aus Aid or the defense sector visa (576)
There are also English language course visas, and there are two sub-types within it.
  • Independent Elicos Sector (570)
  • AUS AID or the defence sector (576)
There are also visas for professional development and these are for
  • Training and Research (402)
  • Temporary Graduate (485)
In Australian student visa, there are visas for the school-level also (571). And, there are informal non-award visa category sector (575) and Aus Aid or defense sector visa (576) visas.

Australian Student Visa requirements:

Australia Student Visa requirements Some of the other main requirements for obtaining a student visa to Australia are a minimum level of competence in the English language, and this can be demonstrated only through scores obtained in standardized tests (e.g. IELTS, etc.).

Australian student visa fees 2014:

There are also fees payables for each type of Australian student visa. There are also rules pertaining to the ‘dependents’ accompanying the students visa applicant. Another requirement is the health insurance coverage requirement. This can be obtained by obtaining the ‘Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)’.

Australian student visa application:

Also, processing times for granting the student visa vary depending upon the student’s educational program, his/her date of application, etc. After a Australian student applicant meets all the basic and required criteria for the student visa for Australia, he/she is granted a student visa.

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