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Australian Immigration Points Calculator 2014

What is a Skillselect Australia?

Australia SkillSelect is a service which is available online that provides the facility for highly skilled workers and businessmen keen in migrating to Australia to provide the needed information to complete an application to migrate. This is considered as the first step to calculate the points. Through the provision of Australia skillselect program information, an applicant can express his/her interest in a skilled visa by submitting the documents for and completing the task of ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI). Australia SkillSelect program is also intended to meet the needs caused by skill shortages in Australia’s provinces or regions. Australia Skillselect program allows applicant migrants to express their explicit interest and willingness to live and work in regional Australia. Australia Skillselect program is thus designed to be of particular benefit to employers who are having skill shortages in their provinces and state and territory governments who are seeking to enable migrants to settle in regional Australia. Australian Immigration points calculator

Australian Immigration Points Calculator:

Those who have been invited by the state or territory further to their ‘expression of interest’ (‘EOI’) then await the state or territory concerned to nominate them. Further to this, an applicant based on his/her interests and choice/preference(s) applies to/for visas of his/her choice. Australia points calculator has tests for some of these skills-based immigrant visas. The Australian Immigration points calculator  is the same for some of the Australian immigration points based system programs.

Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa Point’s Calculator:

Immigration-based programs are category of subclass 189, category of ‘Subclass 190’ (skilled nominated and permanent) and category of ‘Subclass 489’ (skilled regional and provisional). For each of these permanent visa categories, an EOI (i.e. an Expression of Interest) has also to be submitted, beforehand as highlighted in the above. This submission of EOI is to be done at the beginning of the application process. Based on the ‘Expression of Interest’, a territory or a state (in the case of subclass 190 visa) considers the application of EOI and nominates the applicant for the process of the next stages of immigration.

Skilled - Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa Points:

The skilled worker points calculator for both the of Australia and for Australia’s Skilled Independent Worker Visa Program (‘Subclass 189’) are the same. The criteria for the points-based calculator for the subclass visas 189 and 190 are the same as pointed out above, and are considered (or, taken into account) at the time of invitation of the application. Below are the common things for Australian Immigration points calculator for both the subclass 190 and for subclass 189. Australian immigration points based system

Australian Immigration Points Based System includes:

  • Age,
  • English language competency level,
  • Skilled employment abroad, in a nominated occupation which is skills-based or a closely related occupation,
  • Australian skilled employment in nominated skilled occupation or a closely related occupation which is also skills-based,
  • Educational qualifications,
  • Australian study qualifications.
Other factors such as study in regional Australia or in a low population growth metropolitan area, partner skill qualifications, etc., nomination by territory or state (applicable for visa Skilled Nominated Visa (sub-class 190)  only) are also part of Australian immigration points based system.

Minimum Points for Australian Immigration 2014:

The ‘minimum number of points’ requirement for Australian Immigration points calculator for each of the categories of migration is right now set at 60. If the applicant passes this ‘pass mark’, he or she is deemed eligible for the closing stages of the permanent residency visa process and now factors such as the applicant’s character, criminal record, etc. now come under consideration. For more updates or information on Australian immigration point’s calculator please fill this Quick enquiry form.

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