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Temporary work visa to Australia subclass 400:

Australian Temporary work visa to subclass 400The Australian Temporary Work Visa subclass 400 is for those applicants who would like to travel to Australia for a short duration (for up to 3 months). This visa is for those applicants who wish to undertake work which is of a short-term duration, is not ongoing, and is also highly specialized. Alternately, the applicant for this Australian temporary work visa is one who wishes to or is participating in a non-ongoing, cultural or social event and this should be so at the invitation of an Australian organization.

Australian Temporary Work Visa Requirements:

Some of the requirements of this Australian temporary work visa are that the work to be done by the applicant is highly specialized, which means that the work requires specialist skills, expertise and knowledge or work experience which can help Australian business but which skills and expertise cannot be easily spotted and obtained in the labour market in Australia. Australian Temporary Work Visa RequirementsThus, it is likely or possible that occupations of the applicants for this Australian Temporary Work Visa subclass 400 with this expertise would be found in the ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) dictionary Major Groups 1 to 3. Also, the work undertaken by the applicant of the Australian work visa (Subclass 400) ought not to have any negative impact on the Australian work force.

Australian Temporary Work Visa Rules:

There is also the category of ‘invited participant’ in this Australian Temporary Work Visa. Under this, typically, the applicant has been invited by an organization which is responsible for conducting the event, and/but the applicant is not paid for participating in the event. Also, persons taking part in promotional activities may be eligible for this temporary work visa to Australia.

What are the dos’ and don’ts of Australian Temporary Work Visa?

There are also some more dos’ and don’ts regarding Australian Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 400) including those aspects such as security, health of the applicant, etc. which would have to be ensured before a Australian temporary work visa subclass 400 can be given under this category.

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