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Anybody who has looked to applying for a visa to gain entry into Australia know that it can be an extremely complicated process, it can also take a long time and the slightest error can result in your application being denied without explanation. For this reason, many people look into hiring an agency or person who specialize in Visa applications. There’s many agencies and companies out there who assist people with visa applications and some are even recommended via the Australian Immigration Website. None are free or subsidized and they can add a lot on to your visa application in total but they are considered very beneficial, especially if there’s translation issues for example. [caption id="attachment_1770" align="alignleft" width="258"]Scam Alerts Scam Alerts[/caption] Many offshore migration agencies, companies and people are 100% genuine but many are not and this is coming to light more and more. People can be conned into handing over hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds for their visa to be completed and issued for only to never hear a thing back. Once they investigate within the Australian Immigration Authority they are told they have no history of their visa application ever being lodged. The more scrupulous agencies have been discovered to be contacting their ‘clients’ after a certain time period telling them that their application was unsuccessful and they need to restart the process from the beginning, and pay again. The Australian Immigration Authority is targeting, mainly offshore, visa advocate agencies and closing them down but there is little that can be done to prevent them starting up again under a different name. The advice being giving to all want to be migrants is to fully investigate your visa advocate thoroughly before handling any money or personal information over. You can find all the relevant information on the official Governments website and there are phone numbers to ring with advisors who work for the immigration authority to assist with any questions or queries. It is not entirely necessary to use any agency and thousands of people each year successfully gain visa’s without any assistance. There are visa’s such as the Electronic Travel Authority which you can even apply for online requiring the bare minimum of a credit card, passport number and email address. Things are certainly not as difficult as some cowboy agencies will have you think. It is wise to be extremely cautious with any visa application to ensure you get it correct and if you do wish to go through an advocate company ensure they are genuine.

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