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Bob Carr, the Australian foreign minister, will be traveling to Myanmar to meet the Country officials

The Australian foreign Minister Bob Carr will be visiting Myanmar next week to meet the Country officials. He is gone take a conversation with the President of Myanmar, Thein Sein along with the business representative and the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The main agenda of the meeting is to maintain a healthy relationship between Australia and Myanmar. The main focus of Bob Carr is: • To help improve the democratic reform in Myanmar. • To have an economic tie up between Australia and Myanmar • To improve the education system by following international standards • Talking about the human rights issue of Rakhine State. The issues that will be taken up in this meeting will be on health assistance, trade and economic issues, and education to improve the lives of people staying in Myanmar. Bob Carr during his visit to Myanmar will also follow one day trip to Singapore. In Singapore Bob Carr will have a conversation with the Singapore Foreign Minister K Shanmugam about the alliance with South-East Asia at the Fullerton Lecture series. This series will incorporate the key figures of International Affairs and Asia-Pacific to speak regarding the foreign policy.

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