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Know Different Types of Australia Temporary Visas before you Apply!

Types of Australia Temporary Visas

Australia is one of the ideal destinations for immigration, as it offers a plethora of career opportunities for individuals aspiring to a bright future. Perhaps if you are not satisfied with your current job or locale or looking to move abroad for more opportunities. Then, choosing Australia would be the right choice for various reasons. This country is well-known for its advanced transport and communication, peaceful life, laid back lifestyle, better medical and health care facilities as well as the stable economy. If individuals are planning to work and reside in Australia for a short period, then they need to apply for Australia temporary visa.

Australia Temporary Visa

If the individual’s purpose of migrating to Australia is work related and the specialized work is non-ongoing, or it includes activities such as attending business meetings, dispensing technical or professional services, conducting inspections or audits, or other work-related activity, then choosing Australian Temporary Visa is an appropriate choice. Australia temporary visa for non-ongoing activities is issued for less than six weeks; however, individuals can stay for a period up to three months in some conditions.

Eligibility for Australia Temporary Visa

Australia temporary visa allows temporary entry for: 

  • Applicants who plan to engage in non-ongoing work which might be highly specialized work or it may temporary job .It can include personal attributes that are related to work they wish to undertake; or
  • Applicants are invited to take part in one or more non-ongoing activities by an Australia organization 
  • Domestic assistants, especially maids or nannies, working for individuals entering into Australia for a certain period on visitor visas, and the expectation of such staff travel with individuals would be on holiday 

Different Types of Australia Temporary Visas

Temporary visas refer to visas that have a limited validity period. In general, the screening for entry on an Australia temporary visa involves less red tape process when compared to the permanent visa screening process. The following are the some of the different types of Australia temporary visas:

  • Australia Skilled - Nominated (Provisional) Visa
  • Australia Skilled - Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • Australia Skilled - Regional Visa (subclass 887)
  • Australia Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) (Subclass 401) visa
  • Australia Training and Research (Subclass 402) visa
  • Australia Temporary Work (International Relations) (Subclass 403) visa
  • Australia Temporary Work (Entertainment)(Subclass 420) visa
  • Australia Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visa

Among the visas mentioned above, choose an appropriate visa based on the purpose of your travel and lead a better quality life at least for a short period.

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