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Australian 457 Work Visa

Australia is a country which has ample of opportunities for people willing to immigrate to this beautiful country. The nation is alive with diverse lifestyle, sublime climate, quality education system and job prospects. With a strong history of immigrants coming to its shores every year in huge numbers, the nation has much to offer to them in terms of work and employment opportunities. Australian immigration as a temporary skilled worker for overseas nationals has been facilitated by the Australian 457 visa.

Australian 457 Visa:

This is a temporary work visa provided to an overseas skilled worker which lets them reside in Australia for a maximum period of four years, during which time the individual has to work in their nominated occupation for the employer who has sponsored him or her.

Requirement for Australia Working Visa:

Following are the eligibility criteria for an applicant who wishes to temporarily work in Australia as a skilled worker:-

  • Must hold an offer of employment from the Australian employer
  • Must apply and obtain a 457 visa
  • Must engage in work within your nominated occupation as well as the employer who has sponsored you

5 Must-know Facts About the Australian 457 Visa:

  • One can apply for permanent residency after working for only two years. Most of the holders of the 457 visa usually get their names included under the Temporary Residency Transition Stream which gives them a chance to apply for a permanent Employer Nomination scheme in just two year’s time.
  • The minimum salary level is 53,900 Australian dollars. However, an individual can claim the same salary that his or her Australian counterpart is getting in the same business and position as them. This falls under the Market Salary requirement. In case there is no Australian counterpart in the same position, then the employer has to prove that you are eligible to be paid the same as that due to an Australian employee.
  • Australian immigration requires scrutiny of some 457 applications and occupations that are considered high-risk. These are jobs related to cafes and restaurants and occupations like business establishments which are functional for less than a year. Start-up businesses are usually granted visa approval for a period of 12 months.
  • Your employer should be able to provide proof that the position had been advertised and that there was a dearth in local laborers. That is why he was in need of skilled workers from abroad. This would require showing evidence of advertisement, especially in fields like nursing, engineering and trading.
  • Last but not the least, you need to provide skills assessment for getting this 457 visa. Although not mandatory, this is a time consuming and expensive process. Even if you don’t provide this assessment, you need to fulfill the conditions as set by the ANZSCO code of occupations.

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